Merging of service desks at the Library

Samenvoeging balies locatie UB

Staffing the service desks of the General and Special Collections (GSC) department is an ongoing problem. There were two GSC service desks on the 2nd floor, in the General Reading Room and the Periodicals Reading Room. In the context of the reorganization, the MT decided to close one of the desks on the second floor. A working group was appointed to look into the advantages and disadvantages of closing either of the desks. After considering all the arguments, the decision was taken to close the service desk in the General Reading Room with effect from 4 April 2011. All the work processes and document flows relating to this desk have been transferred to the Periodicals Reading Room.
The issuing of audiovisual materials and materials that cannot be borrowed, as well as admission to the viewing area, have also been transferred. Reservations for study carrels on the second floor are now dealt with by Reception. in line with the procedure for reserving carrels on the third and fourth floors.