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KEI information market and University Fair

In 2012 the Library once again attended many events and activities: the KEI Information Market, the Arts and Sciences Night and of course the many welcoming ceremonies for new foreign students. These international students were as always very interested in what the library had to offer them.

House rules action week in the University Library

The house rules action week began on Monday 26 March 2012 in the University Library. Director Marjolein Nieboer told those present in the lobby once again exactly what these house rules are. During the week the users were given beer, sorry water, mats with a summary of the house rules on them in Dutch and [...]

Drinking fountain

First-year students who still needed to enrol at the KEI desk on the Academy Square on the first Monday of the KEI week were able to make use of the new drinking fountain of the University of Groningen and Waterbedrijf Groningen at the entrance of the University Library. Handy on such a warm Monday.


Exhibitions in the University Library in 2012: Op Kamers  – 1-3-2012 t/m 29-4-2012 Studenten – worldwide – gefotografeerd in hun kamer. Carel Victor Gerritsen  – 8-3-2012 t/m 29-4-2012 Nav uitreiking Aletta Jacobspprijs aan Els Borst : 10 boeken uit deBoekencollectie van CV Gerritsen tijdelijk terug in Nederland Aegir – fototentoonstelling  – 24-5-2012 t/m 19-8-2012 Hoogtepunten [...]

Bicycle parking experiment

Incorrectly parked bicycles are a permanent source of concern during exam periods. Several times in the past year the University has removed – with prior notification and in cooperation with the city council – a large number of incorrectly parked bicycles. Owners could retrieve their confiscated bicycles from the city’s bicycle depot. We are currently [...]

Collective UB Clean-up Day

June 2012 saw the first edition of GOUD: ‘Gemeenschappelijke Opruim UB DAG’ (Collective UB Clean-up Day), a major clean-up operation in the UB. A considerable number of UB employees tidied their workstations, several common areas were tidied up, and unused and obsolete material was disposed of. It was the first time in 28 years that [...]

House rules enforcement week

A week-long campaign in February promoted the enforcement of the house rules within the UB. Together with colleagues from the ABC desk team and the Loans Desk, the In-House Services Department staff made extra rounds in the University Library to confront students and other visitors who were eating, drinking and using their phones in the [...]

The sleepless night

(Nederlands) Ook in 2012 bleef de Universiteitsbibliotheek eenmaal een hele nacht open, de zogeheten Slapeloze Nacht. In examenperiodes ijveren studenten steevast voor (nog) langere openingstijden van de