Customer satisfaction survey

In 2012, the results of the previously held Customer Satisfaction Survey were compiled into a report. The results give a good indication of what users think about the different aspects of the services provided.

One of the survey’s main conclusions is that staff and students are very satisfied with the collection as well as with the services provided. They are highly satisfied with, for instance, the University’s range of electronic files (e.g. electronic journals). This is confirmed by the high number of consulted articles in e-journals (about 3.8 million).

The average number of search actions in Science Direct by University staff and students is 16.3 (in 2011). In contrast, the average number of loans by staff and students has declined in four years from 10.52 to 7.22.

It should at the same time be noted that a relatively large number of services are less well known to University staff and students. This applies to support for online information services such as Libguides (57%), RefWorks (45%), Open Instruction Sessions (43%), assistance with Electronic Publishing (33%), and Repositories (19%). These will therefore require extra attention in 2013 and beyond. The biggest challenge will be to improve the visibility of library services and products.