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This is the annual report of the University of Groningen Library for 2011, a year in which the library underwent many changes. An evaluation report on the library’s new organizational structure was published, as well as an integrated collection plan – a mammoth piece of work from the two sectors involved in collection building. At [...]

Customer Satisfaction Survey

With the 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the University Library assessed the perceptions of its users – staff and students of the University – with regard to the importance and image of the library, and their level of satisfaction. The survey was conducted following the reorganization of the Library in 2008-2009. It included questions on new [...]

E-readers for the Faculty of Behavioural & Social Sciences

  In recent years, more and more e-readers and tablets for reading e-books and articles have been launched in the market. The University of Groningen Library is now purchasing an increasing number of e-books. The e-books come from various platforms. The formats in which the e-books are made available varies considerably: PDF, HTML, via DRM [...]

Redesign of Public Services at the Library (HPU project) and Learning Grid project

The HPU project got off to a good start. In the summer, in the run-up to the project’s official launch, some of the members of the project group made working visits to other libraries, in search of inspiration, best practices, tips from colleagues, etc. Once the group was at ‘full strength’, further working visits were [...]

Lunchtime classical concerts at the Library

During 2011, four entertaining classical lunchtime concerts were held in the stairwell of the University Library. The concerts were given as part of the NEXT programme, in which the Library is working with the De Oosterpoort cultural centre and the Prins Claus Conservatoire of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. NEXT is a [...]


Annual Report of the University of Groningen Library Text: Frank den Hollander Gretha Landman (unless stated otherwise) Photography: Pieter Dol (unless stated otherwise) Design and technology: Floris de Jonge, designer Questions/comments: communicatie-bibliotheek@rug.nl  

Welcoming Ceremony for international students

In 2011 too, the Library took part in the University Fair. The Fair, held on the Broerplein, between the Academy Building and the Library, is part of the Welcoming Ceremony for new international students. Twice a year, in February and August, there is a new intake of approximately 600 students from outside the Netherlands. The [...]

The KEI Market

KEI Week 2011, organized by the first-year introduction committee, was held from 15 to 19 August. For the 5,000 first-year students arriving in Groningen, this is the first introduction to the city and the new academic year. This year too, the Library had a stand at the KEI information market, which is held every year [...]



  The Nestor coordinators planned to conduct a survey to assess students’ wishes with regard to Nestor. The Library would take part in the survey. However, the plan was shelved. At the end of October, the Nestor coordinators conducted a limited consultation exercise among students. Unfortunately, this did not include input from the Library. It [...]



  The Services working group was appointed with effect from 1 January 2011 as successor to the BB Services working group. All the specialist libraries are represented. The working group held four meetings during 2011. The following subjects were discussed: Practical matters relating to ILL (inter-library loans) from libraries within and outside the Netherlands, e-mail [...]

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