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This is the annual report of the University of Groningen Library for 2011, a year in which the library underwent many changes. An evaluation report on the library’s new organizational structure was published, as well as an integrated collection plan – a mammoth piece of work from the two sectors involved in collection building. At [...]

Customer Satisfaction Survey

With the 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the University Library assessed the perceptions of its users – staff and students of the University – with regard to the importance and image of the library, and their level of satisfaction. The survey was conducted following the reorganization of the Library in 2008-2009. It included questions on new [...]


Annual Report of the University of Groningen Library Text: Frank den Hollander Gretha Landman (unless stated otherwise) Photography: Pieter Dol (unless stated otherwise) Design and technology: Floris de Jonge, designer Questions/comments: communicatie-bibliotheek@rug.nl  

Presentation of Open Access Newsletter

On 28 November 2011, director Marjolein Nieboer presented the first Open Access Newsletter to Siebrand Poppema, President of the Board of the University. The newsletter is published three times a year as a supplement to the Innovatieflits. Copyright librarian Esther Hoorn writes the newsletter together with editor Ronald Vermeer, who also produces the Innovatieflits on [...]


Organisational structure of th University of Groningen Library, as of 2010.  

Mildew in the Library stacks

  At the beginning of May 2011, active mildew was discovered in the second phase of the stacks. This section of the stacks in the basement was immediately declared ‘out of bounds’. Staff and users were informed. Lending from this part of the collection was immediately halted. Returned books from the affected area were packed [...]

Merging of service desks at the Library

Staffing the service desks of the General and Special Collections (GSC) department is an ongoing problem. There were two GSC service desks on the 2nd floor, in the General Reading Room and the Periodicals Reading Room. In the context of the reorganization, the MT decided to close one of the desks on the second floor. [...]

Centre for Russian Studies

The Centre for Russian Studies, which opened on 30 June 2010, held a series of themed monthly public lectures, courses and events. The collection comprises hundreds of works from classical and contemporary Russian literature, reference works on art, theatre, history and religion, and CDs and DVDs with audio books, study material and Russian films. The [...]

Introduction of FogBugz bug-tracking system

In 2011, the Library Infrastructure Development and Management department introduced the FogBugz bug-tracking system. Aim To improve the service to internal and external customers by means of structured problem management and problem-status information. To improve monitoring of suppliers by maintaining a more accurate overview of reported problems. To record the frequency of, and throughput time [...]

Relocation of the Library of Philosophy to the Library Reading Room

Study landscape at the spot of the former Philosophy Library In the spring of 2011, the Library of Philosophy was moved from the Faculty to the fourth floor of the University Library. The decision to relocate the library facility was taken jointly by the boards of the Faculty and the Library. The Faculty, which has [...]